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  Are you feeling stuck, frustrated, and ready for a change?    


Jersey City Hypnotherapy specializes in treating symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression through evidence-based therapies that help you feel better, stronger, more content and hopeful.  Perhaps you have not felt your best for a long time and are ready to better understand your particular struggles and patterns and practice new skills to feel better.  Or maybe you have been going through a particularly stressful time right now and would like support to help you cope.  You are wondering if therapy can help.  Perhaps you have been in therapy in the past and are not sure if it was even helpful.  Maybe you spent weeks or months understanding why you feel the way you do but never quite got to how to feel better. 


It can be a process to find the right therapist and the right therapy for you.  The first step is to find a therapist with whom you are comfortable and can have an open and honest relationship.  The rapport you have with your therapist is key to healing.  Jersey City Hypnotherapy is dedicated to providing a comfortable and confidential space for you to heal and grow.  Each client has a customized approach using a variety of psychotherapy tools including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Hypnotherapy, EMDR, and Mindfulness techniques.  With some dedicated work on your part and a supportive therapist as your guide, you will leave sessions feeling more and more calm and at ease in your skin, with more understanding and acceptance of the past and hopefulness for the future, as well as a growing confidence  in yourself and your ability to face life's ups and downs.  


Now offering teletherapy services via a secure online HIPAA compliant video platform. There are wonderful benefits to doing therapy online. There are also some challenges.  Please reach out for more information!

 For more information or to schedule a Free 20 minute Consultation, please reach out. 

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